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Do nothing Let your mind delirious. John Lehrer explored the "network" of Cognidepth the brain remains active when the rest is "off" and realized that it connects ideas and promotes creative incubation process, giving you moments of inspiration. Food brain ingredients to feed their intelligence Blueberries - they are known for their antioxidants, but few know of their ability to reduce memory loss. Blackberries - are full of vitamin C, which improves mental alertness. Broccoli - offer a dose of vitamin K, known to improve cognitive function. Salmon - it is rich in Omega 3, for the fight against Alzheimer's and other diseases. Avocado - . it is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, which promotes blood flow to the brain, keeping the function of the mind for high seeds pumpkin - contain zinc doses, vital for memory capacity. Do you answer your emails Cognidepth while you are on a call, or make your to-do list while in a business meeting?


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